Being here, lost in here, but I am still here.
— Cyrus Wu

Cyrus Wu is an enthusiastic artist working in videography and photography. Born 1992 in Taipei, Taiwan, Cyrus Wu currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. During her study in PCU Holistic Medicine College in 2012, she picked up photography, which turned into her lifetime passion. Between the year of 2014 to 2016, her hungry of knowledge in Art acquires her to pursue further study at Kwantlen University. Currently, she creates work by exploring the nebulous subject of her own experience and psychological connection of her relationships with companions, family, and identity as an immigrate. She also explores the interest and complicity of human nature. Her commercial photographic work has been published in Vogue Italia, Opalus Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Jute Magazine, Astound Magazine, Fashion Shift Magazine, Leen Magazine, Zine Magazine also other popular magazines in the world. Besides commercial, she also collaborates with celebrities Na Ying (那英), Chiang Yu-Heng (江育恒), Anson Ping (平安), Alex Wu (洪杰), and local artist Herbert Kwan (關程曦) and JKAI (杰凱) to support the musical scene. As well as the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Vancouver Fashion Week, Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, Fazioli Piano, Indochino, Alex S. Yu, Bravo Entertainment Corp., etc. for the art industry in Vancouver.